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Mitzi Chafetz (512) 699-4247

It is with profound gratitude and humility that I say, "THANK YOU, AUSTIN!"  for continuing to choose me as your Jewish Funeral Director. Looking back, there are several things that led me to funeral service.  Most important of all  is my desire to help people and make a positive difference in our community.  People oriented and service-focused, I am honored to be known as “Austin’s Jewish Funeral Director.” Connected by a shared history, culture and religion, I have a deep sense of pride in our Jewish heritage.  While serving as the public information officer for the Texas Funeral Service Commission, I gained insight and knowledge into funeral home values, and these values provided me a guiding light to best serve my community.

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The great thing about serving the Austin community is getting to know so many wonderful people. I'm honored to live, work and play here.    And, it’s a great honor to provide answers to difficult questions in trying times, and a place to celebrate life.  Our interest is in serving our community, pure and simple.  We hope you turn to us in your time of need.

True Acts of Kindness

Among the most important mitzvahs (good deeds) we can perform are those related to death and dying.  These rituals have two purposes: to show respect for the dead, (kavod ha-met), and to comfort the living, (nihum avelim).  Jewish tradition encourages a simple burial to take place as soon as possible following death.  
My commitment is to understand the unique situations of those I work with, and then provide personalized funeral care to meet their individual needs. My ethics, heritage and education guide me in serving families with integrity, compassion and respect. I have seen that there are many meaningful ways to say, “Goodbye” and pay tribute to our loved ones.   I often reflect, with deep appreciation, on our Jewish customs and how they so sensitively help ease the pain of loss. It is my honor to help others find comfort in the traditional rituals of our ancestors.